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Saturday, October 27, 2007

social networking and protection

there has been a hot debate over social networking and the protection of children that use them in particular myspace which is highly popular. everyone has been talking lets do this, lets do that with no real testimate as to how to go about protecting children from online predators who utilize the social networks that are known to have lots of children on them. here is something that I hope will be of help when dealing with protecting children from predators.

set up preference tabs for content on the social networks so that content that isn't wanted will not show up for those who don't want specific content and use the age listed as a filter for those who state that they are under the age of 18 so that way they cannot view specific content. as a way of ensuring that people are the age they say they are, find a way of using the traditional forms of identification that the local, state/province and federal governments use to identify people, i.e. student id's, driver's license's, non-driving identification cards making sure that there is a way of validating the identification numbers.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


when it comes to home mortgages, especially those already out there, if the housing market continues to decline the way it has since august then financial institutions that currently hold them will end up taking a substantial loss of revenue if they forclose and end up allowing the homes to be auctioned off if they cannot sell.

this is especially true if the prospective buyers that are now unable to get approved for a mortgage under the new business practices of the financial institutions. It is my opinion that the financial institutions that deal with home mortgages would do far better to rework the mortgages so that the current home owners so that they take in a lower profit margine but still end up getting the money that they had to pay out on the initial note during the purchase of the home.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

global warming

Global warming, everyone agrees that something has to be done to reverse the effects of it on our environment. The one problem with global warming is the fact no two climatologists can agree on how dire the situation is.
Everyone who is trying to getting get the point across should be trying to show existing ways of or coming up with ways of their own to help reverse global warming. This is especially true since we have land that we currently view as unusable due to it being to arid to be used along with limitations on our clean drinkable water.
In an effort to counteract the negative aspects of global warming and resulting climate changes, maybe we should be looking at the deserts of the world differently and look to scale up efforts at the commercial desalinization of ocean water in an effort to make arid land sustainable land for crops and small communities.
The only real problem with the world's deserts is the lack of sustained water sources to them on a regular enough, basis to keep it from being usable by our current standards. If we stepped up the commercial desalinization of ocean water to the point that we could send it to the deserts to help create usable farmland and small communities around them to help support the farms, while easing some of the congestion in other areas given a genuine willingness of people to move to those areas.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

an opinion on casinos coming to massachusetts

It is my opinion that casino-resorts are a good idea if you are looking to provide jobs and attract people to the state. Since gamblers will seek ways of gambling regardless of whether they have to travel for their preferred type of gambling, it would appear to make since to keep those gamblers in state. Since Massachusetts Governor Patrick is looking to fund transportation shortfalls with the projected windfall from the casino’s I would suggest that there be more than the proposed casino’s that the governor wants and in areas that would help with bringing that infrastructure back to life.

Here are some ideas that I would like to put on the table but whether anyone will listen to them is a different story.

Instead of only having one casino-resort in Boston, have a minimum of three one of which would be where Boston’s Mayor Menino wants it which is at Suffolk Downs, one – two casino-resort’s on the Boston waterfront in South Boston in or near the Marine Industrial Park that would be right on the harbor that once built would include increased Massport cruise terminal traffic and would be forced to utilize the MBTA. There should be at least one other inBoston and it should be in an area or areas of the city that could use the upgraded infrastructure and jobs the most.
To fund the expansion of the MBTA’s commuter rail, in the areas that Governor Patrick is looking to expand too, there should be a minimum of one maybe two casino’s built in the city that is proposed to be the termination point for the line provided that the city would welcome that type of atmosphere there and the influx of jobs. Allow the casino-resorts to be built there with the stipulation that they must help with funding the expansions since they would benefit from the expansion with the possibility of the terminal being right there at the casino-resort.
When it comes to the state highways, allow casino-resorts to be built over and around the highways provided that they take over the maintenance of the highway they span to a specific point especially since they would have to find ways of getting people from the highway itself to the facility.

Where Governor Patrick wants to allow casino-resorts in the state, the state needs to look at under what conditions they should be allowed and what stipulations should be given for the introduction of casino-resorts into the state. The above ideas should be treated as a starting point in how to approach the whole subject even if these specific ideas are not used, but since the governor wants to fund the transportation infrastructure this way he must allow for people to come up with ideas to offset the costs that the state would have to pick up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

atlanta drought

The area around Atlanta Georgia is facing a drought situation to the point that with in the next year they could be facing water rationing to conserve water and encompasses the top portion of the state.

Given the drought situation, the state of Georgia should take the lead and start up a municipal water desalinization program to help compansate for the lack of rain in that part of the state.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

the protests in burma

I know that the military government calls the country something different now but the official name with the United Nations is still Burma. I found that the military in Burma caused more of an outcry for its citizens by firing on the protesters whom where trying to protest peacefully, even if the soldiers that fired on the crowd felt that it was warranted due to fearing for their own safety, I don't like the fact that they fired on monks who are generally peaceful and shy away from violent confrontations.

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