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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

some ideas I had written about government

After having sent ideas over the past few years to politicians I decided to post them to a website that I hope people will read.

here is a link for the website:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What are the Republicans thinking?

What are the Republicans in Congress doing? 

Even with most of the Republicans in Congress knowing full well that the Bush era tax cuts had a set life span of ten years due to them having been there to vote on them, they seem to think that the tax cuts specifically for the wealthiest two percent of the population is the only way to save this country financially.

Granted, the wealthiest two percent of Americans can have a greatest impact short term by spending money due to the amount that they are capable of spending but they didn't get rich by people force feeding them cash and telling them to spend that cash.  The wealthiest of Americans are a mix of family money passed down and people who worked hard to get that money so when someone is willing to hand them hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars they are more likely to pocket the money than spend it like the Republicans keep insisting will happen if the tax cuts are extended.

The worst part is that the Republicans basically told ninety eight percent of the country that they don't matter when they said to the president that unless the wealthiest of Americans gets to keep their tax cuts, the poorest of Americans are on their own. By insisting on such measures the Republicans are not living up to their duties to their constituents.

It amounts to the Republicans in Congress holding ninety eight percent of the country hostage to their insistence that their mentality of the richest of Americans being the only ones that can bring us out of the recession and that they need help in the form of continued tax breaks that were designed to end in 2010.

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