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Friday, December 30, 2011

Occupy Boston

I feel like I belong in Occupy Boston due to the fact that the movement in general is trying to get it out there that there is more to our economy than the Uber Rich and Large Conglomerates.  At the same time I feel like the movement in general is the Hippy Movement, that has no focus or direction.

I had written a plan of action for the Occupy Movement to ponder which took roughly a month for anyone in the movement to give any feedback on it and the individual actually liked it enough to suggest that I bring it up in one of their forums.  I ended up joining a couple of their email lists and found that there are people that are interested in doing more than just protesting, the problem is, that the people involved don't necessarily know how to start an organization as large as what they are trying to get going but those who were serious about the movement are genuinely trying to get an organization going.

I applaud those in the Occupy Movement that are trying to make it more than just protesting.  I am more than happy to be apart of it provided they can actually get it going and are willing to take a serious look at my idea while allowing me to be apart of my idea.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jobs and the crazy weather

The rich are saying that the middle class and the poor need to find jobs, while the middle class and the poor have made the point that the jobs that they are being told to get just aren't there due to the rich not creating jobs like the Republicans are saying they are doing by having a cap on the taxable income and the ever lowering taxes for the rich.

In the Midwest stretching from the Mexican boarder to the Canadian boarder that whole area has been been in a drought all year and it appears to be getting worse as time goes by. 

I would like to know why no one has thought of creating jobs by desalinating water on a scale that would help the Midwest with its water problems?  We have a total of 23 states that have some coastline and more than one territory that has coastlines, why not create jobs by building desalination plants along the coastlines of those states that have direct ocean access or build desalination plants a little way inland and build pipelines to the plants with there being multiple plants in each state that has the room for such endeavors.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Congress and the President

The mentality of Washington D.C. in 2011 has been that of the spoiled brats that would rather whine and stamp their feet to get exactly what they want and how they want it regardless of who they have to stomp on to get it.

Some individuals may even go so far as equating the politicians to what the politically incorrect people would say is them being on the "rag" so to speak with how they how closely some politicians resemble the mood of a lady who is menstrating heavily.

Congress especially the Republicans have tended to act the ways I have mention but the President has also fed into the mentality by to some degree acting the same way but then backing down as if he is all talk rather than the man of action that he passed himself off as while he was running for the office.

The way Congress and the President have been acting is demeaning and it belittles the struggles of everyone but the super rich in America which has left the general public demoralized to the point that people are starting to get fed up with the pissing contest and it has shown in the polls that the general public is of the opinion that the politicians are not doing the jobs that they were elected to do.

If it were a corporation we the people of the United States would have little to worry about aside from those in the corporation were directly affected by the the decisions.  Unfortunately the country cannot be treated like corporation that can dispense with things that it feels that it can live without and the mentality the politicians have right now is causing problems for millions of people financially and emotionally and the financial problems that they are causing for people are pushed onto the businesses who have felt pressured to reduce their spending due to a lack of want or need of the products they supply due to their customers not having the money to continue buying from them.

Sunday, September 11, 2011



We cannot let ourselves forget the lives that were lost on that fateful day. Our way of life was changed that day when almost three thousand people died. We need to memorialize those that were lost on that day to help ease the pain of the great loss of innocent life.

We also need to honor those who we regard as heroes that died who if were able to talk would say that they were simply doing their job like they have done like any other day. They need to be honored in ways that reflect our desire not to let them have died in vane.

Those that were lost, their names forever will be whispered on the winds and will not have died in vane as long as we do fear those who would want to scare us into cowering by attacking us from the shadows.

Those who ran in to save people and paid the ultimate price need to be revered by making sure that everyone knows that a great many more people could have and would have died if it wasn't for the first responders.

Where there were hundreds of people from all over the world in the towers when they came down that day, it is not just an American tragedy, it is a world tragedy where many died thousands of miles away from their families and the places they called home with their families not being able to do anything to find their loved ones or to help those people that their loved ones called friends and today may still not have closure.

The last tragedy that the U.S. has had to deal with anywhere close to this magnitude is Pearl Harbor which brought WWII home for us and both events will forever live in infamy.

Like when John F. Kennedy was shot the one question that will be asked of those who were alive when the towers fell will be where were you when it happened.

With all the questions that have been asked the one that stays with me is the one my niece who turned seven that day which was "Why did those bad people kill all those people on my birthday?"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Remembering D-Day

Today we remember those who during World War II fought in the battles on D-Day.

On June 6, 1944 both sides showed their dogged determination in the multiple landing beaches that the allies landed on by not backing down when all seed lost until the battles were one.

The sacrifices made needs to be remembered so that no nation or groups of nations can make the same mistakes that caused such a war that produced such carnage.

We have teach people what happened and about the horrors of war, especially to those who don't want to believe that carnage like that can and does happen.

We cannot ourselves forget what has happened, and we cannot let our veterans who fought in the war in particular the battles on D-Day down.

The best history lessons come from those who have experienced the ordeal and it would be wise to have their stories preserved as part of historical records both as written accounts and as audio and video to show the human side of what they are experiencing as they tell their stories.

Without the people who stood up and fought when the world needed them the most, our world would be a scarier place than what it is now. For this they need to be honored and revered for what they did, we cannot forget the sacrifices of those who returned home draped in our flags letting others know of the sacrifice made for us.

When the last of the veterans who fought in World War II we will no longer have anyone alive for a living memory to teach us, so we must let them teach us what they have learned and explain what they have experienced for there is no higher way of honoring them other than taking care of them in a manner that let's them know we have not forgotten them or what they have done for us.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Donald Trump's commentary of late

Donald Trump has been shooting his mouth off when it comes to President Obama's citizenship and saying that he himself is thinking of running against Obama.  Evidently the records that Hawaii has on Obama's birth are not good enough for him to say that he is not a natural born U.S. Citizen.  The fact that he will not let the matter go even with the records showing that Hawaii recognized Obama's birth as having been in Hawaii, it says that he has something against him due to the fact that if he had something tangible against Obama when it comes to his citizenship he would have had to turn it over to the proper authorities. 

If Donald Trump is actually considering running for the office of President then he has to move on from the birther debate and actually start talking about why he would be a good president beyond saying that he is qualified for the position due to his fortune and his business sense.  If he is going to use his business sense as a credential then he will have to answer real questions as to why more than one of his business ventures has filed for bankrupcy protection.

It is time for Donald Trump to put up or shut up before he trumps himself out of any potential presidential bid with his chosen political party.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Government Budget impass between the Political parties

I know I haven't posted in a while this is due to the fact I have been focusing on job searching rather than making comments about anything.

Lately I have been thinking of the Federal Government and the impass that the Politial Parties have on their hands at the moment.  Fortunately both parties can agree that budgets need to be cut but it is unfortunate that they cannot agree on what items in each departments budgets should be cut.  At the same time the budgets need to be cut the people in Congress needs to take a magnifying glass to the business practices of each individual office of each agency and department to see which practices are out dated or are impracticle, such as a redundancy that doesn't need to be there or the political cronies that are placed in different agencies that are put there over people who are actually qualified to be there.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Job Market

The job market today is a lot different than it was when I started working 23 years ago when I was 16 and working part time for school. 

I had started my first job when the stock market was only at roughly 2500 which is a far cry fromthe 10000 to 12000 it is now.  When the stock market went down the roughly 500 point in one day that year everyone one acted like it was the end of the world now people act like it's no big deal.

The job market itself was far different, the job market seemed like we were doing everything right when it came to putting people to work now it seems like we can't do anything right and we are floundering and faultering at the very thought that there may not be an easy way to get the lost jobs back.

The nation has come to a point where it has to think globally when it comes to the economy rather than thinking that we are the one that the world needs when it comes to the economies of the world.  We have so actively tried to save money by taking jobs overseas to other countries that we are at the verge of losing our identity as a nation of manufacturers, inventors and innovators, only to become a service based nation which is what a lot of people in this country don't want.

It is ironic that the very jobs that many people don't want are leaving and those same people who didn't want those jobs are yelling and screaming that we are losing those jobs.

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