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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

some ideas I had written about government

After having sent ideas over the past few years to politicians I decided to post them to a website that I hope people will read.

here is a link for the website:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What are the Republicans thinking?

What are the Republicans in Congress doing? 

Even with most of the Republicans in Congress knowing full well that the Bush era tax cuts had a set life span of ten years due to them having been there to vote on them, they seem to think that the tax cuts specifically for the wealthiest two percent of the population is the only way to save this country financially.

Granted, the wealthiest two percent of Americans can have a greatest impact short term by spending money due to the amount that they are capable of spending but they didn't get rich by people force feeding them cash and telling them to spend that cash.  The wealthiest of Americans are a mix of family money passed down and people who worked hard to get that money so when someone is willing to hand them hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars they are more likely to pocket the money than spend it like the Republicans keep insisting will happen if the tax cuts are extended.

The worst part is that the Republicans basically told ninety eight percent of the country that they don't matter when they said to the president that unless the wealthiest of Americans gets to keep their tax cuts, the poorest of Americans are on their own. By insisting on such measures the Republicans are not living up to their duties to their constituents.

It amounts to the Republicans in Congress holding ninety eight percent of the country hostage to their insistence that their mentality of the richest of Americans being the only ones that can bring us out of the recession and that they need help in the form of continued tax breaks that were designed to end in 2010.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

If I'm not worth your company's time, then your product is not worth my time

Recently I noticed on various websites that bring up the economy and the jobless rate for the United States.  For the most part everyone is in agreement that we are not coming out of the recession as quickly as people would love especially the politicians who have put their necks out with making promised that it looks like they cannot keep.

This is due to the fact that on many websites it is coming out that there are companies some of them large international ones that have started screening the resumes to see who is currently employed.  If they find a resume where they show that the individual is not currently employed, then they disregard that individual resume in favor of one who is actively trying to do a lateral move or advance their career while still currently employed.

Where it is the individual company's prerogative to hire who they want, then I would suggest that the unemployed use the same mentality against those companies who are starting to say "unemployed need not apply" and boycott those companies when and where ever possible in an attempt to say to those companies, "If I'm not worth your company's time, then your product is not worth my time".

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

politicians and morality

Politicians while running for government office tend to say things that appeal to the morality to specific groups that they feel will give them the most votes while shunning and sometimes outright puts those groups down.  The politicians would have us believe that their sense of morality is our morality for our government.

The groups that politicians tend to ignore or put down are part of their voter base as well and what they are doing is a form of bullying by belittling their desire to be part of the process.  In some venues, they are an influential part of the voter base which means that they need to put their morality aside if they want to get elected.

The thing is, we each have our own sense of morality that may be different than that of the politicians and the politicians know that and it is why they change their tune when then get elected.  Some do try to do what they believe while others do end up doing things that go against their campaigning, when it comes to morality.

There are some people who believe that there is no separation of church and state where the U.S. Constitution does not have the exact phrase "separation of church and state" even though there are provisions prohibiting the union of the two.  Granted we cannot totally take our belief systems out of our daily lives which means some of the beliefs will spill over into our government even if it is inadvertently.

There are some people who would take a specific part of a religious text and through it in peoples faces, what they will not show is, the full text of the religous text which also includes a bunch of things that society considers normal and many politican past and present pursue as if it was a badge of honor instead of adhering to the text which goes against what they are doing.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I would like to know where the politicians get their data on taxes

Given that some politicians think that giving tax cuts to the richest 2 percent of the U.S. population equates to job growth in the U.S. I would like to know where this mentality comes from?  For many years there have been tax cuts in place for the richest in the nation, yet the jobs have been leaving the country or have been cut totally due to the mentality that there is higher profit if jobs are dealt in this way.

If there are to be continued tax cuts to the wealthiest of our citizens we need them to show that the mentality that has lead to the tax cuts is for real by actually creating the jobs that they have lead the politician to believe would happen. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the recent suicides due to bullying in the public eye

The recent suicides in the gay community that have happened due to the individuals being bullied, shows how intolerant individuals can be towards individuals that are different than them, especially when the difference is something like sexual preference. Our society has shown through the use of written language that homosexuality has been around for thousands of years and that it wasn't liked even then. the problem is that people are using such texts to justify attacking and sometimes killing individuals that identify themselves as gay, even though some of the texts also say that attacking and killing goes against the belief systems

when it comes to beliefs, we as a society have to live up to those beliefs that we are capable of living up to rather than picking and choosing which beliefs to live up to.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The don't ask don't tell policy

I believe that everyone that is physically capable of serving in the military should be allowed to do so without regards to their sexual orientation.

Not everyone is comfortable with openly talking about sexual issues whether they are straight, gay, bi or a transsexual, which means that you will always find people that are willing to talk openly about their preferences, which in of itself will cause problems in some situations whether it be for the individual or for the group.

How can you tell an individual that yes we need all the people that we can get to go fight for us, then turn around and tell that same individual that we do not need you due to who you like, regardless of what you can do to help the war effort? This only serves to belittle the individual that has signed on to do what he or she can for our country.

The individuals that are gay or bi who make the decision to join our military already know that there has to be discretion as to who to confide in when it comes to their sexuality given their own experiences and how comfortable they are in telling people about themselves, which means that they should be trusted enough to make the decision for themselves as to whether they come out while in the military.

Most people have come across individuals that have struggled with their decision due to what people may think of them.

Most people who don't want anything thing to do with the whole situation will site their religious beliefs. Here is one very specific question for those who site religious text as their reasoning:

Where the bible does use the term "lay with" with the meaning of having consensual sex and uses the term "get to know" with a meaning of rape, where specifically in the bible does it state that preferring to "lay with" the same gender constitutes an abomination?

The Gulf Coast Oil situation

When it comes to the mess that has evolved in the gulf coast due to the oil rig sinking, I think that what is needed is better direction in what to do to stem the flow of the leaking oil and more resources in dealing with the ever expanding oil slick that is heading to the coastline, with the resources directed at limiting what ends up of the areas that are at most risk of distruction due to even a small amount of the oil entering into that specific environment along with clean up of the areas that can be cleaned.

Yes we do need to know what went wrong and part of that is knowing who made what decisions that helped create the problem on the rig which caused the fire in the first place and then the subsequent sinking and ever expanding oil slick. However at this point we need the people who are capable of stepping up and getting people to stop bickering about who's fault it is and to separate the clean up effort and the attempts at stopping the flow so that people who are dealing with one aspect are not bothered by the other aspect.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The New Health Care Law

I applaude the fact that the democrats pushed through a bill on health care. Unfortunately they had to include pork barrel politics in it due to the fact that the republucans didn't want to be apart of the process.

Instead of trying to come up with one of their own or to tinker with the presidents bill to see something that included things both sides wanted they just judged the bill on what they didn't like.

By no means am I trying to say that it is a great bill or law, it does have its flaws for which the republicans helped point out at the same time we need something that protects those who are sick and those who have to pay the premiums into the system the livelyhood of each sector in medicine with out forcing people into hawk to be healthy.

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