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Thursday, July 19, 2007

the current Iraq war

The current Iraq war on a technical basis ended when George W. Bush when he stated that the job was done when he gave that speech on an aircraft carrier with in days of us toppling the dictatorship that was there. Since then we went from being the country’s liberator to the country’s occupier and trying to force the Iraqi people to take on a form of government that they have no understanding of and have no desire of ever having in our lifetime.

We are telling the Iraqi people that they have to take on a government that has no place for their social structure in it and that favors the United States. The Iraqi people are use to having religion play a dominate role in their government and there for would have to want to remove religion from their politics in order for the government we are forcing onto them to work the way it is intended. The removal of religion from politics can and will be tricky, just look at what we are going through here in the United States when trying to keep them separated.

We are now residing over a civil war that has been boiling just below the surface for many generations, but had been kept from happening due to the heavy handedness of the leaders of Iraq. Now that their traditional type of leader is no longer there, it has be come sheer pandemonium in certain parts of the country due to different segments of the same religion vying to be the new government of Iraq by terrorizing and killing the citizens who are just trying to lead average lives and the people trying to regain and maintain a functional government.

There is no longer a reason for us to be there since it was stated that the job was done but yet there is no easy way out of Iraq because we never went in there with an exit strategy which caused us to botch the job of instituting a new government. We rushed in guns blazing without taking the time to study the intricacies of their mentality, social structure and over all way of life. We cannot just up and leave but at the same time we have to find a way to force the Iraqi people to accept responsibility for what happens in and to their country as quickly as possible without causing the country to fall to religious factions not wanting to share power.

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