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Saturday, September 15, 2007

commentary and questions on the Iraq war

I have no disrespect intended by thinking and writing this but I feel that if President Bush really believes that the war with Iraq is justifiable in the war on terrorism, then he must show the evidence he has to showing that Iraq has been a direct part of the terror network that he claims that the country was part of. We all know that Saddam was blatantly going against the U.N. Sanctions but in the mainstream media most of the things he was doing to hurt others pertained to hurting the citizens Iraq and not the western world so in my opinion it is required that Bush what show the evidence that convinced him to invade Iraq in such haste and without an exit strategy.

To honor the people who died as a result of the 9/11 attacks and to respect the military, President Bush must share his reasoning and not just asking to stay the course with the expectation of following blindly through it all. Even if they are kept confidential some questions should be asked and given to the people who deserve the answers to them.

the questions should be these or something along the lines of these:

what are the expectations for Iraq and Iraq's people?

Why is it that the Iraqi government isn't living up to some of the benchmarks?

What is the exit strategy for our military to leave regardless of timetable and is it defined clearly enough for the Iraqi government and our allies to understand?

Is it possible that we are going about the political process all wrong in Iraq given the Middle East in general having a different concept of what government should be?

Why is it that the country is being asked to blindly follow President Bush's agenda on the war on terror?

There is a big difference between protecting our country and being told we have to give up constitutionally given rights in order to fight an invisible enemy.


MZHuny said...

I am for peace and wish I could figure out how to make my blog look good like yours.

Andy Gill said...

It is funny people think we only go to war to defend our own rights. As the most powerful nation in the world... I think we have the moral obligation to stand up for the little guys. Namely, the Iraqi people. Under Saddam, yes, he didn’t do anything directly to us, but his style of running his country and killing so many innocent lives for no reason must be dealt with. We did that, and now that it isn't going perfect (Americans always turn tail and run at the sight of bloodshed) people want to cut and run. We fight for freedom in general, not selfish freedom that only defends itself. If we cut and run now, it only means more bloodshed, and to the ones who say we should have never gone in the first place... tell that to the 80 - 100,000 people that died for no reason under Saddam.

Not mad... Just another point of view.


Jsec64 said...

Great article.
Bush has a lot to answer for as do all politicians. My personal view was that Declaring war on Terrorism was right, however, the plan on extracting our troops appears to be flawed.
If the same principal was applied to other countries around the world that are in effect a dictatorship i.e. Burma, Zimbabwe etc our countries would be hard pushed to stay the course.
I also have a Blog on the subject if you care to check it out.

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