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Monday, November 26, 2007

the peace talks in annapolis maryland

Everyone knows that both the Israelis and the members of the Arab states are willing to talk peace, this has been shown that they have talked about different things until they were blue in the face on both sides but when it comes to actually living up to what they promised each other is a different story.

The problem lies with the fact that both sides have been fighting each other for many generations going back hundreds if not thousands of years over the same plot of land. this one plot of land is where three major religions were born and each religion that is still a dominate force over in that region insists that they are owed that land citing the same reasons.

The only way both sides are going to actually do what it takes to attain peace there is to acknowledge that both can co-exist there as equals since they share the same family tree, they started at the same place with the same family but the family members chose a different path in the way they practiced their religious beliefs, therefore creating multiple religions.

They need to have faith in their common beliefs even if practicing those beliefs are different before they can move forward with the peace process for the middle east.


Julie said...

Without understanding or the willingness to accept the fact that we are all equal, from conception to death and there after.....
peace will be a luxury for those who are willing to see with open eyes.
Great post Sean!

Anonymous said...


I must agree with what you have written, but you must admit that it's not as easy as that. The cultural everyday differences are so vast that, even if we all came to tolerate each other's religion, even if we agree to disagree, harmonious coexistance will be difficult, to put it mildly. The fued is not merely a religious one. It goes far beyond that.
Secondly, (and I believe that i speak for both sides when I say this) there is no real willingness to make sacrifices. It is easy to ask a party to give up a piece of land, some property, some prejudices when you are comfortably seated miles away. Truth is, Israelis, and not only those who lost something in the various wars and bombings, will not give up Jerusalem, the Golan Heights or anything of the sort. Pride, stubbornness - call it what you will - will not let us forfeit our upper hand in the matter, especially not for such an obscure, utopic concept as peace.

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