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Saturday, September 13, 2008

A problem marriage

my brother, had been talked into a mail order bride that he would have to help bring over here for the marriage. It didn't take much to convince him given that he always had a thing for women of that specific race and really wanted to be with one.

It took him and her family more than five years of trying to legally bring her over here. After she came she seemed nice enough and looked like she genuinely wanted to be with my brother. A couple weeks after she got here they had gotten married and then a couple months later knowing that she needed a support system he decided to move out of state to some cousins of hers that had already immigrated here a number of years before so she would have some family around to help her settle in.

after a month with her family out of the blue they moved again to another state to be with a friend of her family that had immigrated here a couple years ago. Almost immediately they then moved again this time moving out of the continent and settling in Hawaii to live with her mother.

what had happened next shocked most of the people in her family and threw my brother for a loop. everyone found out that they were being used by the lady and she let everyone know this by going to the police without any evidence to back herself up with and getting a restraining order placed on my brother so he could not go any where near her and her daughter.

It got really complicated due to the fact she also has a 13 year old son who she abandoned when she walked out on my brother. she had decided to move out of her mothers place leaving both my brother and her son there and everyone there wondering what was going on.

the lady tried to convince her family that my brother had been abusing her and her daughter but most of her family didn't believe her at all. Where they were living at her mothers place and her mother being able to see that he wasn't abusing her would not take her daughters side. she tried to convince her family in Hawaii which consisted of her mom, her two brothers and her aunt (her mothers sister) and her uncle who is married to her aunt.

the only one she was able to convince that my brother had been beating her was one of her brothers and he was still living with their mother. Now she will not talk to her aunt and uncle since they would not take her side even though they were the ones that were actively trying to get her here legally.

come to find out there had been a guy in the background that my brother along with her aunt and uncle didn't know about that setting things up for her to make an attempt to be able to legally stay in the United States with out having to stay married to my brother for the required amount of time. this was proven by the fact that almost immediately after they moved to Hawaii she left him and filed the paperwork for a temporary restraining order, which was recently turned into a restraining order that lasts just past the required time she has to be married to him to be able to stay here permanently. It was also verified by one of her brothers that she had someone here helping her in the background to set everything up.

I just feel sorry for her son who she abandoned because he didn't deserve to have this happen to him and I also feel sorry for her aunt and uncle due to the fact they have been betrayed by someone that they love.

The Visa she came over on required her to get married within 90 days of arriving in the United States and requires her to remain married for 5 full years to be a permanent resident of the United States. With the fact that she is trying to take advantage of the system my brother has to find out how to get her legally deported so she can't take advantage of the system any more than she has.

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