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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Perplexed by a neighbors child's actions

I know that my neighbors kid is going through puberty and will joke around with friends certain ways  which includes sexually based jokes for his age group but the amount of joking around with friends along with not being able to tell if he's joking or serious at times he has caused the friends of his that I know to call him gay as he's doing the joking and will continue to joke around that way.

He also tends to tell friends of his that are in a higher grade than him that he has a girlfriend but tells his friends in the same grade as him and adults that he doesn't have a girlfriend and has in the past told me that he's not interested in girls but at the same time he hasn't come out saying that he likes boys either.

The boy does like to do boy things but he'll do things while doing things that boys like to do that make you wonder if he's joking or for real and over the past year or so the joking and the things make you wonder haven't aside from increasing in frequency and intensity what he does has gone unchanged.

I do not know how to explain what he does without making people think that I am a pervert, but there is something that he did tell me with in the past year that has stuck with me and that is him having gone up to me and told me how boys have babies.  When he said that I told him boys have babies by having sex with girls and then he went further and said "I mean boy on boy" for which I asked how and he said that they adopt.  I do not know where that came from but he did go out of his way to tell me and don't know if he would even remember having said it where it was months ago.

I do not know how to go to his parents to question whether he's just joking around or if he's really the way acts given that he seems over the top at times when he does joke the way he does

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