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Sunday, June 22, 2008

some thoughts for and ideas on how to power water desalinziation

When dealing with the Earths population having a shrinking water supply as the population grows, we have to deal with an issue that people think will need to happen but think it will not have to be done in their lifetime. This is desert farming; this has to be taken serious due to the fact that if we choose not to entertain the idea now we will lose even more of the rainforests which help maintain our various geographical climates.

We also have to couple this with large scale water desalinization which would primarily be for the desert farming while making sure that the water desalinization plants that are built for the sole purpose of purifying water for farming are as self sufficient as possible which would mean utilizing the power of the water as a power source.

Water desalinization has to be a top priority for every country with out regard to whether they have a coastline to utilize for the process and is especially needed in arid areas. As for the areas with established farmland where the water has to be split between crops and drinking water should have large enough quantities of desalinized water available for the farmers so that those municipalities that have to deal with the water issues don’t have to worry about finding the water to maintain their populations and the farms.

Given the facts surrounding deforestation and diminishing rainfall as a result, we need to reseed those forests with the types of trees and plants that are in that forest while making sure that we give the quantities of water that have been shown to grow and maintain those forests while making sure that the local populations that are willing to destroy the forests for money are shown that the forests if properly maintained can sustainable profits by finding markets for the stuff that the forests continually produce that is easily renewable and sustainable.

Here is a plan of action for designing desalinization plants:

· Design the system to have two aqueducts types, one for the intake of ocean water that is basically a holding tank for the water waiting to be treated, and the other for water that has been treated and waiting to be loaded into the vehicles that are meant to carry it to farms. Do this while making sure that the rate of the water flow for both the intake an outtake are at the same flow rate.
· When designing the power system, design it so that way the water itself is creating as much of the energy as possible starting with the intake. Design the intake to be a siphon to reduce the power needs while designing a water turbine that is meant to be used horizontally instead of vertically to be specifically used in the siphon. When designing the outtake design it to be like a dam with vertical water turbines that feed the plant like the turbines would on a normal dam but instead of feeding a river they would feed the desalinization plant at a constant rate that the plant can handle.
· When designing the desalinization plant itself, design it to be able to handle a constant flow of water from the aqueduct, while at every step of the way if there is a way of utilizing the water for power generation, design it to do so as long as it doesn’t contaminate the water or re-salt the water. With the areas where there is the possibility of water loss through steam, create a way of reclaiming that water while utilizing the power that the steam can offer to help with power generation.
· With the large structure that would be standing for both the aqueduct and the desalinization plant, position them so that way there are at least two full outer walls of each that has sunlight on it for as long as possible each day so that a solar arrays could be incorporated into the design of the walls making sure that as much of the walls could be covered by solar panels. Also you could design the roofing structure to have solar panels
· If there is extra energy produced by whole process then provide that extra energy to the local municipalities that could use it if they are within the area where the power can travel in the power lines.

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