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Monday, June 30, 2008

opinion regarding military service in presidential politics

Given that President George W. Bush pushed military service to the forefront in the past two presidential elections it is something that is now a subject that people are going to look at. Unfortunately it is something to be used negatively due to George W. Bush since he belittled McCain’s years as a P.O.W. and then belittling Kerry’s swift boat record.

In my opinion, it should not be up to the general public to pass judgment on someone who actively served in the military. This judgment should be reserved to those who are serving, that have served and the immediate family of those serving and of those who have died.

The whole subject what brought into play eight years ago when a now sitting president who decided to use McCain’s status as a former P.O.W. against him calling into question where his loyalties lied since he was held captive and tortured. Then he used Kerry’s swift boat experience against him, saying that there was no way he could have gotten the amount of medals he did with such a short time in the military.

Those who have served should be ashamed of themselves if they come out against someone’s military service for the sole purpose of garnering support for the person going against him. If you are going to belittle someone’s service then belittle it solely on merit of service not for political posturing. If they are that intent on belittling their own then it should be an open field to play both ways and they should be dealt with in the same manner to see how it feels to have a peer belittle them for serving as they did.

In the end they need to act like adults who have commanded respect of others not as children who don’t know any better.

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Examples and Stuff said...

Well, I think it helps because if you don't understand following orders then it's difficult to give orders that others will follow. So commander in chief needs to have some experience with that. Business experience doesn't qualify because when a business executive gives orders it's not the same, you don't get killed or sent to jail is you refuse. A military person can't quit, it's either obey orders or else.

On the other hand most government business a president handles has nothing to do with the commander in chief function. I have written about that a little bit here: Fixing Government

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