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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

opinion on domestic issues

By no means are international issues less important than domestic issues but when it comes to what is needed for the country is a real understanding of how international and domestic issues influence each other before deciding which is more important.

At the moment international issues are greatly influencing domestic issues and policies to the point that our economy is facing a real down turn in large part to our dependence on foreign oil. With that said our policies on domestic issues have to change so that our dependence on international issues is reduced.

Our policies have been to help international issues but at the moment if we forego dealing with out own domestic issues in an effort to help international issues then we will eventually be reduced to a third world country.

With the cost of oil skyrocketing, everyone is feeling the pinch both domestically and internationally especially those companies that afford to continue to do business as fuel and energy continually goes higher. One good way of dealing with these costs is to find ways of offsetting the cost of energy production that would also prop up the economy, this may include commercializing alternative energy sources that are usable but still need work to perfect them. They could be commercialized to deal with a number of domestic issues such as reducing our dependence on oil, creating jobs and to help the environment.

If commercialized there would be more people available to learn how those alternative energies work which would allow for others to be informed enough to give input on ways to improve on the technologies involved. This could be a way of dealing with the domestic issues that would probably directly impact how our domestic issues influence the international issues especially when it comes to how people deal with issues energy issues and more importantly how the international community deals with the dependence on oil.

The commercialization of alternative energy sources can only be part of the overall package with dealing with domestic issues. We need to deal with the deficiencies we have in other aspects that directly factor into how our economy hold up such as education. It has been shown that our public school systems are lagging behind some of the nations that are not as large and influential as we are.

With out the educational foundations that are fundamental to how well our country runs then there is, no way we can effectively stem any downturn of the domestic economy. It is a proven fact that our education system is failing to properly educate the nation’s children that are in the inner cities where there is the least amount of money allocated for what is needed, even though the teachers are held accountable for the failures of the students with regards to the standardized testing that is required.

The educational system has shown that not every student is capable of learning in the standardized methods that is used through out the country and that there are students who have proven that they have learned the subject matter but they are not able to show that on the standard versions of the tests. These things have to be addressed in ways that permit them to become productive members of our communities rather than a drain on them due to the short sightedness of bureaucrats who do not have any understanding of what is needed to educate.

Without an educated population we cannot hope to deal with issues that are plaguing our domestic issues due to not having people who would be capable of dealing with the problems our nation faces.

We also have to deal with our health care issues that are directly influenced by an individual’s ability to pay for medical treatment. Yes we do have great health care in general but where there is not standardized primary care for all regardless of income, there are many people who are forced to use the emergency room as their primary doctors office due to not having the upfront money on a weekly or monthly basis to pay for the health insurance programs that are offered in an attempt to reduce the prices of the health care.

We may not need universal health care all the way through the health care system but we do need a universal set of standards for primary care so that the preventative medicine that has been shown to work at reducing pricing can actually bee given to all. Affordable preventative medical treatment is the first step in having a healthy workforce, which would bring down the number of days needed to deal with illnesses that causes the productivity to go down in the workforce for both the public and private sectors.

When dealing with domestic issues everyone in a position to help or hinder any progress has to ask one question of all issues, which is; how does affecting one issue affect another issue?

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