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Sunday, March 9, 2008

my take on job layoffs

With facing the loss of a job due to termination over something you have done or if it is from layoffs you experience a great deal of frustration over the fact that you are being forcibly uprooted from a job that you may enjoy. You will undoubtedly have issues that you will have to deal with, with the most important one is the job search and whether you can afford to take your time or not while looking for a new job so you can have some well deserved down time.

When faced with a layoff, it may just be cutbacks or a company closing for which both cause people to worry. With cutbacks if you were not laid off, you wonder if you may be next and asking yourself if you should look for a new job but with a company closing you feel like you should have gotten out sooner rather than letting your world come down around you.

Right after finding out you are being laid off regardless of whether it is a layoff effective immediately or a layoff effective on a certain date, you will feel defeated and looking at your co-workers and friends for advice and if they know of any companies looking for anything remotely similar to what you are doing. Each person with have their own ideas of what you should do and how you should go about doing it based on what they know about you

When laid off you will inevitably find out how good your networking skills are if you are set on looking for a job right away and if you feel you can afford to take some time looking for a new job you may be forced to refocus what you would like to do with making the decision to go back to school for a certificate or a degree if your finances permit or if you can procure the funding if not a program that you can do for free.

If you decide to go right back into the workforce as quickly as possible then you will have to decide what you are willing to do, if you can take a pay cut and how much of a pay cut you can take with still being capable of maintaining your bills. If you decide that going back to school will be a good thing that you have the time for then you may need to decide whether you want to go to improve your skills in the field that you just left or if you would rather gain new skills that would widen the field of jobs that you can deal with.

You may feel like you can’t afford to be completely unemployed but feel that you would be better served if you made the time to go to school for at least a certificate program which would possibly working part time while going to school during the day or working somewhere close to full time while going to school nights and weekends.

In the end you have to make the decision that is best for you and your family if you have one that you have to be there for.

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