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Saturday, March 1, 2008

an opinion on the presidential primary season

I do not favor one specific presidential candidate but do have an opinion on how this election season looks.

This time around even though it is still in the primary season, it looks more like the run up to the general election in regards to the campaign rhetoric from the major candidates.

the one real difference this time is that depending on the outcome it can perpetuate several different stereotypes that our society has been striving to knock down.

one is the gender stereotypes for which tend to perpetuate that people in general don't want women in what is traditionally a mans position, another is the racial stereotypes which denigrate minorities when they try to accomplish what is seen as not being capable of being done by a minority. We can't forget about the age bias either that has been floated in the past either for which is seen all over the place with regards to people past a certain age doing specific things.

There is one question however that should not have been brought up which is whether John McCain is eligible to run for president. Yes he was born on a United States Military base in Panama, what most people don't know is that when a child of a service man is born on a U.S. Military instillation in a foreign country, they are automatically both a U.S. citizen but also automatically a foreign born citizen and upon their eighteenth birthday they have to choose which citizenship they wish to have. Given where he has chosen to live his life it is evident that he chose the U.S. citizenship.

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