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Sunday, March 16, 2008

preserving our nations monuments and memorials

Preserving the sanctity of our nation's memorials and monuments isn't as easy as it sounds. Those memorials and monuments stand as a reminder, a testament to what we have gone through as a nation from the very writing of the very first monument which is the Declaration of Independence.

Maintaining the material aspect of each isn't hard since we have the know how to maintain them and preserve them, it is another to preserve the sanctity in the hearts of the people who say they believe in the country. As time goes by the voices that were once an ever present in the hearts of those who believed in the idealism that this country was founded on has begun to fade and that idealism is beginning to tarnish.

Our memorials and monuments where built to honor those of us who have given all that they can give for this nation of ours, and deserve to be shown the respect that they are meant to display. At the moment we have a divided country, a country that is so fractured that no one cares to remember what our forefathers went through to be able to write our constitution, instead all they remember is the text of the constitution.
We as a nation have allowed ourselves to pervert the constitution in ways that the past generations would not have permitted due to thinking that it would do a disservice to those who sacrificed all that they had to give our nation a fighting chance.

In order to preserve the sanctity of our nation's memorials and monuments, we need to preserve the sanctity of the beliefs and idealism of those who came before us. We cannot preserve the sanctity until we strive to bring each of the disillusioned groups back together to work together to make sure that those reminders, those testaments stand for where we came from, what we strive to live up to and where we hope to go.

As long as we choose not to remember the lessons of the past we will continue with the fracturing of what this country was meant to stand for. If we forget our past we forget what brought us here and if we forget what brought us here then we will forget who we are as a country. With that we would end up loosing what we care about most. In the end we will end up going in the road that countless people have died to prevent and that is nothingness in regards to a government we can participate in and have faith in.

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