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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gay rights and Gay marriage

With regards to the gay rights movement and the gay marriage debate, both sides of these issues are very passionate in their fight to win their point, sometimes getting violent in their efforts.

When it comes to the people who oppose any gay issue, they are sometimes dead set against giving any type of equal rights or equal treatment to anyone who happens to be gay, with the reasoning being completely valid in their eyes. The primary reasoning behind not wanting to give gays equal rights is the individuals religious beliefs citing that religious states that it is wrong to be in such a physical relationship.

The people who do not want to give gays any rights or treat them equally also cite that, that lifestyle is dirty and that they don’t want their children or their families exposed to that lifestyle. Beyond the fact that they cite religious beliefs and not wanting to expose their families to the gay lifestyle they can not show any legitimate reason why we as a society should treat gays like inferior beings not worthy of respect.

At the same time, on the opposite side of the issue the people who believe that gays should be treated equally, cite that gays are productive members in our society at all levels and all they want is to be treated like straight people who have worked just as hard to attain the same positions in life. When it comes to citing religious beliefs, the people wanting equal rights for gays cite that religion teaches tolerance of others regardless of what they are doing and of the fact that God has reserved judgment for himself for which we are being hypocritical on both accounts.

This has been proven true by the fact that many people are not tolerant of people who they know are gay and we take it on ourselves to judge them based solely on religious doctrine. When it comes to religious doctrine the whole issue is a paradox due to the fact that under religious doctrine we are not suppose to be in such a relationship, while at the same time we are suppose to be tolerant of others.

When it comes to society in general, gays live in and are active in the communities that they live in and in some cases are integral parts of the communities they are apart of. When we project our religious beliefs out onto the communities, we tell the gays in our communities that it is fine for them to be leaders of our companies and our nation but we do not trust you on a personal level due to your sexual orientation for gays, this is perplexing and is spiteful.

We as a society have chosen not to pay attention to some religious doctrines while insisting on holding others to other religious doctrines. As a society have become a society that believes that we can force others to do as we say and as we do as individuals and it is prevalent in the way we handle religious doctrine.

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