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Saturday, June 30, 2007

in regards to the U.S. Supreme court decision on voluntary desegregation

In response to the U.S. Supreme Courts decision to fore go voluntary desegregation in the public schools, it will be seen as a discriminatory event, even if the decision may not have been intended as such. We as a society have an obligation to educate our children as best as we can and it has been shown that there is a disparity in our education system when it comes to education among the individual races in this country, which in some areas are getting worse with each generation.

We should not be looking at race as a factor in education, rather we should be we need to be looking at what the deficiencies are in each community with emphasis on the individual deficiencies in the individual schools. We also need to be attracting good teachers that are willing to teach at schools that have such deficiencies in an effort to turn the schools around. When it comes to getting students to attend specific schools that maybe out of their neighborhoods, electives should be taught at these schools that would draw a diverse student body rather than having an elective course which appeals to a specific race, gender or religion.

When dealing with the schools that have deficiencies, we cannot just look at the school system as a stand alone problem when it comes to educating the children, we also have to look at the communities that these schools are in and find ways of getting the communities to take a proactive role in education rather than a reactive role. What is needed is to find out why individual communities are allowing the degradation of their communities and why they are helping to perpetuate the downfall of their communities.

When it comes to race,gender and religious relations in our society in general, each race has members with in their ranks that help to perpetuate the stereotypes that cause the discrimination that as a society we seek to eradicate. As long as each race, gender and religion helps to perpetuate the stereotypes which causes the discrimination onto them we will continue to see things like racial, gender and religious inequality especially in our education system, which to some degree is charged with teaching us to be better people all around. It does not help that each race, gender and religion tends to self segregate by nature, for which we have to get past to further our education system.

I have in the past sent to politicians, ideas I have had regarding education that have from what I have seen gone unanswered and would be willing to send these ideas to anyone who is willing to read them and forward them to other politicians (as long as proper credit is given) if the people thought they would help stimulate a positive response to fixing our education system.

We cannot just tell our government officials that enough is enough we have to get it through to the members of the communities that enough is enough when it comes to directing educational resources to each community. It cannot stop there either we have to do the same for other resources directed at helping communities. As a society we cannot afford to idly sit back and whine about what others have and we don’t, we have to take our futures into our own hands and not let others dictate what our place in life is, regardless of what resources are out there.

As a society we cannot move forward, until we can learn to take responsibility for where we go in life and how we get there, instead of letting society guide us to where society wants us to be. To do this we have to be proactive in getting positive things done in our communities, that benefit ourselves, our children and our communities overall without looking at race, gender or religion.

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