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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The presidential candidates on debating

Each of the presidential candidates instead of grandstanding and belittling what others have done should be focused on actually debating each other on the issues that are currently relevant to the voters that they are trying to woo. Each candidate needs to actually stick to the facts on each issue in regards to how each candidate including themselves has handled the personal and political aspects of the issue when it comes to how they intend on dealing with each specific issue.

Each candidate should also submit to a survey that is specific to each issue that they are likely to face during the campaigning and the debates and put the answers in an easy to read document format that is also easily accessible to the public. Each question should be written so that way there can not be any straight forward yes or no answers only commentary in their own words and also be designed not to allow the candidates to omit their views on each issue and how to handle the issues.

The questions should be something like these if not these specific questions:

  • Explain your stance on education and explain how you intend on dealing with bringing our education system up to par with the other countries within the industrialized world?
  • Explain your stance on “the war on terror” and how you intend on dealing with the legal aspect of it when it comes to not infringing on the legal protections in the constitution and keeping in line with international rules of engagement regarding terrorist cells?
  • Explain your stance on abortion and how you would handle abortion rights given the fact that women will seek them out even if Roe V. Wade is over turned?
  • Explain your stance on stem cell research, more specifically embryonic stem cell research and how you would handle federal funding for it?
  • Explain your stance on gay rights with emphasis on gay marriage given that on a technical stand point the government doesn’t have any legislation prohibiting it and how you will handle it?
    With knowing Article VI of the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment, explain your view on how much or how little of a role religious doctrine which includes ones personal religious beliefs, should play in American politics and why you feel that way?
  • Explain your stance on taxes, more specifically income taxes with regard to where and when to give tax breaks along with where and when to raise taxes in the different income brackets and why you think they work best where you would like the tax breaks or increased income taxes?

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