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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

second letter of mine published in 2004

the following letter is a letter of mine that was published in a Boston paper on October 28, 2004 the paper is Metro.

During this presidential campaign ther has been a lot of mudslinging from both candidates and their vice presidential running mates. I have done my share of and heard a lot of complaining when it comes to the presidential candidates.

I plan on taking my complaints to the election booth on Nov. 2 and voting onw whom I think should be in office. I am doing this for two reasons; first of which is that I was taught that if I choose to complain, then I have to vote to be taken seriously.

Secondly, I feel that anyone can be a Monday morning quarterback with regards to complaining but it takes people who are willing to stand up and take the heat for what they believe in and to do what they think is right.

The people who choose to take a stand and do it in politics end up taking a lot of heat from a lot of people- some of whom can do something to make a differencebut choose to complain instead.

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