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Sunday, April 15, 2007

health care reform

Health care reform

In my opinion there is at times more management than care in managed care. At least that is the way it looks when you talk to the patients and the doctors. I understand that there has to be some degree of management in healthcare to make it cost effective. At the same time there should not be such a degree of management that it compromises the health of the patients and the viability of the doctors office. The health care system does need help but no one seems to want to take a good hard look at the healthcare system as a whole and then look at what needs to be done to fix the system.

There are many things that factor into the costs associated with medical care ranging from preventative care all the way to major medical services. Things such as,
· Pharmaceutical companies should start a research library/clearinghouse so that way they can share information so that way the same exact research isn’t duplicated many times on the same compounds to save both time and money. At the same allowing other pharmaceutical companies to do research on the same compounds whether it be in a new direction for the same condition or for a total different condition as long as the proper proprietary are established.
· Prescription drugs should be stabilized and standardized to prevent people from buying those same prescription drugs that are far cheaper from other countries so that they can afford them.
· Find ways of getting the uninsured or underinsured to utilize preventative care rather than using the emergency room as their doctors office. This would include finding out why the uninsured and underinsured prefer the emergency room over having a primary care doctor that could prevent many of the emergency room visits for minor things that a primary care doctor could have dealt with.
· In areas where it’s gotten noticeably cheaper to provide those services, find ways of getting those service providers to bring down the prices that the patients and the insurance companies pay while making sure the providers are still able to provide the services and make a living.
· Look at the managed care industry as a whole to see what is right with the healthcare industry.
· Going Company by company, look at how much of the care they are providing matches up with the findings for the industry as a whole.
· After finding what is right then tackle what is wrong with the healthcare industry with going to the doctors and patients to get their opinions on how to fix what is wrong with the industry as a whole. With this I mean ask two very specific questions that will hopefully get very specific answers that are detailed enough to get what’s needed done for the patients and doctors.
· Going question by question, see how closely the answers from the doctors and the answers from the patients match up. After that if there is enough answers that are closely related then try to implement new guidelines for the industry based on the findings if possible without hurting the patients, the doctors or the providers of the healthcare industry.

Here are the questions I was mentioning.
· Is there anything listed in the findings listed as being flawed, inadequate and etc… that has the ability of being changed so that can do what it was meant to do and if so can you elaborate on in what ways?
· If there is anything that cannot be changed enough to do what it was intended then should it completely taken out and if so can you suggest or help with new rules and guidelines that would be capable of replacing the out going rule or guideline with making sure that the intended job can be done?

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