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Sunday, April 22, 2007



There are many common items that are used by all income levels use but there is a large difference as to the specific types among these items used by the various income levels. With the high the income level comes a larger degree of use of the higher end versions of these common items, which are used less due to fewer people being able to afford them. In turn has less of an effect on the economy than the lower end versions that are more widely used by the population and has a larger customer base due to the up front cost(s) of these items.

Give the tax cuts to the income levels that have the largest number of people so that it would have a direct impact on the economy through sheer volume of consumers. I feel that lower income tax has the potential for more sales tax collected in states that have a sales tax. There is no guarantee that each individual or family will spend the money coming from the tax break.

Suggestions for individual tax cuts:

· Give the tax cuts to the low, moderate and lower middle income levels in an attempt to boost spending in those income levels.
· Give tax breaks individuals in higher tax brackets when they have made a real commitment when giving a decent living wage to people that work for them if they guarantee to pass a portion of the tax break onto their employees such as babysitters, or others that people coming into their households to do routine work for them.

When it comes to corporate tax cuts I feel that they should be given to the companies that are noted as having the most potential of creating jobs and that offer affordable products with in the lower income levels. They can’t be just handed out to companies; they should be tied to certain conditions that cannot be skirted. If you think about it the more people who can afford the products offered whether needed or discretionary translates to higher profits for companies, which translates to more corporate taxes being collected even if the tax rate is lower.

Suggestions for corporate tax cuts:

· Actual permanent job creation
· Strategic job placement in communities that need and want those types of jobs when ever and where ever possible to help the targeted consumers.
· Take a proactive role in education.
· Provide better pricing with out compromising the company’s ability to be profitable

Permanent job creation means that an individual is going to be a steady taxpayer and would reduce the need for various benefits that the state and federal governments would have to dispense.

Unfortunately not every community is open to certain jobs even though the jobs would be helpful in the community. This is why I said strategic job placement in communities. What I mean by this is look at each community individually and see what the community needs. Then look at the type of jobs needed by the different companies and then place those jobs in communities that are willing to accept.

Even though an education is guaranteed by the constitution, everyone gains from an educated workforce. It should be in best interest of both government and the private sector to make sure that people have the education that would be needed for the workforce.

Jobs can’t be created if there is a lack of demand due to a lack of people being able to afford the products or services and jobs can’t be created if people can afford the products or services if there isn’t an educated work force to produce those products or to provide those services.

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Caro said...

Hi Sean,

Keep up the good work!

It seems so remote, blogging away with no one really listening or leaving their comments. I think if I didn't have to spend so much time reading help material, I would be able to do a lot more commenting, but there is so much to learn when you get really involved in the adsense side of things, it's a full-time job just trying to understand it all!!


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