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Monday, April 16, 2007

an idea on outsourcing and education in the U.S.

An Idea on Outsourcing and Education

I admit I have no frame of reference when it comes to either outsourcing or education. With all this talk of outsourcing of jobs to other countries and the problems that some of the public education systems have due to money I have an idea. I don’t know if it would be a viable option or allow the school systems to be competitive in terms of bringing in money to the schools.

Do this first by looking to see if there is anything the schools can do to help with adult education needs with possibly an adult version of vocational training for a small cost that would help offset the money the costs associate with keeping the school open longer.

Then look directly at the companies that are outsourcing jobs to other countries. Do this to see which of those jobs the schools can bid on to and get to bring jobs to the school(s) to teach as a vocation or to teach skills that they can take with them to the work force. If this is possible then expand vocational training to permit the students the opportunity to be put into a job that teaches the practical real world experience needed while still in school.

If what, I am suggesting is a viable option, then how about starting “school based companies” that would be part of the school in terms of the education process. At the same time make it an independent company that is overseen by the school or school system but is open even when school is out for vacation so it stays viable and competitive. If need be, have the schools pair up with a college or university to allow college students in those fields into the program and to help with the resources associated with running such a program.

Here are some Ideas:

· Expand the concept and format of vocational education to permit teaching of the practical applications of the vocation in the work place along with the work structure and ethics. Do this by means of the creation of “school based companies” that the students can get jobs at.
· Design the curriculum so that the students that are not involved with the vocational training can get the jobs in a “school based company” that are not vocation oriented jobs. Do this so that they are taught the practical side of the curriculum so they can take those skills with them from company to company.
· Design the vocational education as a stand-alone program but that is part of the school and curriculum. Try to design it so that the students understand that the viability and the competitiveness of the program or “school based company” relies on the students ability to learn and put to use what they have learned.
· Set up multiple school based companies so that there is competition between the schools in an attempt to get the students to learn that the quality of work they are producing has a direct effect on the ability to bring in new customers and whether those customers will be repeat customers or would be willing to refer new customers to the school based company.

Where companies are looking to outsource to have potential cost savings, why not take advantage of those companies sending out jobs by trying to keep those jobs in the local area. Where schools are in the business of teaching children and young adults why not allow them to gain the practical side of what is being taught while getting a paycheck while still in school being taught the skills.

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