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Thursday, April 19, 2007


my views of mainstream politics in the U.S. are such that I tend to write letters to local newspapers to voice my opinion when I feel that something is going wrong in this country due to politics and sometimes a specific politician or political party.

I am a life long democrat, but even still, I do tend to write things about my own political party that may not sit well with the hierarchy of the democratic party. The biggest problem that I have with the hierarchy is that there appears to be no more focus on the real issues that need to be dealt with due to bashing the Republican party so often that it makes the Republican party look like it is the party with the plan. When it comes to the Republican party I feel that the hierarchy of that party has lost touch with the average person who subscribes to their views at least in the public forum anyway.

In the past few years the Republican party has at least in the mainstream media shown a greater appreciation for the people who have amassed monitary wealth rather than the foot soldiers of the party who put the Republican politicians in the positions that they are in. If the Democratic Party stopped bashing and started trying to get the party's message out then they would not have to wait for a Republican Politician to bring down Republican Party in order to win elections.

It is time for both parties to wake up and get their heads out of the sand so they can see what the country needs to do domestically and internationally to restore the country's reputation and status as of a few world power houses for getting things done for the people of the country and the world.

There are times I wish I could run for political office but each time I do, I start remembering why I haven't which is a lack of a financial means, views that for some would be too politically incorrect to permit me to attain political office even if they are views that need to be shared, ideas that I have had and still have that it would appear that no one whats to implement because its not the direction they want to go in and finally the fact that I would be eaten alive by any seasoned candidate.

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