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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In my experiences growing up in the United States I have found that I could never be what is considered a liberal or a conservative that is portrayed by the American media. this is because All I have ever heard and seen was both sides whining about who is correct in the way the country should be governed.

I have noticed that in the mainstream media the people who claim to be "ultra conservative" act as if there is no wording stating that there is a seperation of church and state, granted that specific line does not appear in the U.S. Constitution but there is a specific line in the constitution that states that belief in religion cannot be a requirement to be nominated for or given a government job posting. In the "bill of rights" for the U.S. Constitution states that we have freedom of religion among other things in the United States.

I have also noticed that in the mainstream media that liberals are more concerned with debunking conservatives and trying to have a government that would rather have this country be a country of entitlements.
my opinion is such that I believe that if the conservatives get their way the United States will eventually be a Theocracy based in Christian teachings instead of a Democracy but at the same time if the liberals get their way we would have a country that has no soul.

there are some that feel that religion has or should have a major roll in the U.S. government, while others feel that there should be no sign of religion in the U.S. government.. Personally, I feel that since we get our code of ethics from religion, we cannot completely take out religion from government but that we should be using that code of ethics to help decide how to do something rather than legislating specific religious text into governmental law because it makes religious doctrine from a specific religion a government law that everyone has to live up to even if the people follow a different religion.

religion cannot be totally absent from the U.S. government due to the fact that we would have to ignore our ethics when dealing with how to run this country. we get our sense of ethics from religion which basically governs how we live our private lives, but religion in general doesn't always agree with nationalism depending on the circumstances.

the above are my opinions on religion and government and I will end this entry with these two things:

there are some things that are mutual between religion and government and some things that are specific to religion or to government for which we must learn the difference.

In the absence of knowledge there is misunderstanding; where there is misunderstanding, there is contention.

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