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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Water desalinization and water pipeline

I did this up a couple months ago and sent it out to a few places, that included President Bush, The U.N. and even a section of the company Virgin which runs the Virgin Atlantic Airlines because they were looking for ideas for a couple things. The only response came from Virgin and it stated that it was an interesting proposal worth looking into but it wasn't the direction they were looking for. well here is what I sent them:

Water desalinization and water pipeline

When it comes to bringing clean drinkable water to people who need it, in an attempt to get around the geographical barriers like mountain ranges such as the Rocky Mountains of North America, and the mountain range that goes down the western side of the African continent that has made much of the African continent desert I hope this is a workable idea that could be used but the people that have the capability to get it done.

My suggestions:

Build water desalinization plants at various points along the coast line that utilize a siphon for the intake of salt water and outflow of fresh water with turbines like those for damns but designed to be used with a siphon instead of gravity to supplement the needed power to desalinate the water, and if the climate permits utilize solar and/or wind power to help supplement the needed power. The water desalinization plants should not be restricted to one side of the continent but rather the coast line in general.

Where there is a mountain range that block the rain clouds from moving past a certain point on the west coast of the African continent and a mountain range limiting the amount of rain to certain parts of the Mid Western part of the United States, use tunnel boring machines at the closest points in those mountain ranges to the water desalinization plants to permit water pipelines to go directly from the water desalinization plants to the other side of the mountain ranges.

With regards to the placement of the placement of each desalinization plant and pipeline tunnel look at all of the geographical and weather pattern data to determine where to place both of them to be the most beneficial. After the primary placement of each is determined, go to the locality with what you would like to do and tout the benefits of the building of, the running of and the maintaining of the facilities would provide to that locality such as an influx of jobs, money and possibly more available fresh water for that locality.

Bring on board the municipalities that would be effected by the process beyond where the plants are built and tunnels dug, and bring on board companies that would benefit from putting their resources to work for each project, that would be willing to help the people who live in the effected areas with dealing with a change in their way of life due to the whole process start to finish. This would include areas where it would be able to rain that had not seen rain in many generations.

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