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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

why I write

I have always loved to put my thoughts down on paper. Perhaps it is because I had a severe speech impediment as a small child and was forced to find alternate forms of communications until I was able to over come my speech impediment.

I found that expressing my thoughts on paper was the best way I could express myself until I could talk, even today I occasionally stutter and it always feels as if my mouth cannot keep up with my mind. I enjoy writing and know that I am a capable enough writer to have had twelve letters published in one local newspaper.

I have always been hard on myself when I write anything with the biggest thing being the editing of my own work with regards to feeling as if it is never good enough. I would like to write stories but I have always had a problem with character and story development. The only thing that I know I had done a halfway decent job with was a short play I had written for school for which my english teacher seemed to love and a few years later another person who had been a co-worker of mine that claimed to be somewhat of a writer liked the format I had for the play. I have thought of rewriting it due to that fact that one of the places in the play is still there but under new ownership and a new name.

I have thought of taking classes to help my character and story development but I am pressed for time and cash so realistically I would only be able to do it on weekends and somewhere where it doesn't cost anything or much.

I would not mind writing a column for a newspaper, magazine or for another format such as individuals who could use help writing due to a lack of time or a lack of ability that would allow me to showcase my writing if it were a way of getting better at writing and editing.

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