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Thursday, May 31, 2007

the american immigration problem

I feel that if the 12 million estimated illegal immigrants were given anything remotely similar to amnesty, it would be like telling the people who came here legally, that they were stupid for following the rules of our nation and being honest enough to follow the rules to be here.

It also opens up the flood gates to further illegal immigration by telling people that if enough illegal immigrants enter America, the fact that they didn't follow the rules will not be a factor in determining citizenship. It also lets anyone who is straddling the fence so to speak on whether to come here legally or illegally, that it would be in their best interest to be here illegally.

In the end offering anything remotely like amnesty is like placing a welcome mat at the border and saying we don't have an immigration policy. It doesn't help when there are some countries out there that have a double standard about immigration, they seem to want hard line policies of their own but lax policies for other countries.


J.L. Murphey said...

I don't know about that Sean. My husband considered himself a citizen up until a couple of years ago, when immigration wanted to deport him. A long and involved story here. Ultimately, my husband was a citizen. The redtape bureau got tangled up in its own red tape. What works and what doesn't work are two different realities. Everyone knows the system doesn't work...our illegal immigration stats prove that on a daily basis. Short of putting up walls around our borders, illegal immigration will always be a problem.

Sean said...

thank you for your comments and would like to apologize if you were offended by the comments.

I know that illegal immigration cannot be completely stopped but I do feel that we have to at least make an honest attempt at trying to minimize it, to slow down the amount of people coming here illegally.

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