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Saturday, May 12, 2007


There are many honest politicians out there but there is a minority of politicians that have helped to turn our government from a constituent friendly to a corporation friendly government.

When i t comes to mainstream politics the the United States, we have been conditioned to be complacent enough to permit the political structure to be dominated by a select few rather than run the whole of government. It doesn't help when some politicians prefer to do sidebar politics or to stick with affiliate party lines over what is needed for this country.

In regards to the honest politicians that are trying to actually do right by the people who elected them, they are belittled and betrayed by their fellow politicians if those politicians would do for corporations and special interests rather than the constituents that elected them.

We need to band together and toss those few out on the streets rather than keep electing them term after term and it has to start from the top down. As long as we keep electing people who have agendas other than helping the people of our country then we are perpetuating our own demise, by saying its perfectly fine to hold our citizens in contempt when they try to do whats right by the population.

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