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Saturday, May 19, 2007

where do I fit in...

I wish I knew where I fit in when it comes to being liberal and being conservative due to the fact I am too liberal to be considered conservative but at the same time I am to conservative to be a liberal. I think I may be a moderate but you very rarely hear about moderates due to the fact the ends of the political spectrum are always at each others throats and get most if not all of the press.

I am of the mind set that we have rules for a reason, for which some of them cannot or should not be relaxed and some that can be relaxed or rewritten to accommodate times when the rules work against something that my need to be or should be done due to how restrictive the rules are.

I do feel however that in some instances where there are things people will do regardless of restrictions, the stuff should be allowed but done with oversight and regulation. By no means am I saying that we should go ahead and take away every law or restriction on things I am only saying in some cases where someone is willing to do it regardless of whether it is legal or not we should agree to make it legal but with oversight and has to be done under certain conditions.

Like I said I wish I knew where I fit in.

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