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Monday, May 7, 2007

global warming

The environment, we are part of it due to living in it. In recent years there has been a big squawk over global warming. Global warming, when people talk about it, so far has been mostly about trying to stop it by changing the type of fuel used to create our electricity and to run our motor vehicles.

At present, we cannot effort to just change how we fuel our energy production. We need to change our whole mindset as to why we need so much energy to consume in our daily lives. We need to learn how to link the corporate mentality and our overall disposable culture to global warming in an effort to lower our energy needs and consumption.

When it comes to the corporate mentality, it provides many incentives to get people to buy products and services by supplying unneeded trinkets as sales aids for people who influence what we buy and how often we buy. This mentality perpetuates the disposable culture mindset that we currently have.

to some degree we do need some disposable items in some areas but we have an appetite for all things disposable and the appetite is growing. we need to move away from the disposable mentality in favor of lifestyles that promote more Reusable products that can be continually reused/refurbished and more products that are easily recycled or broken down in the environment.

our appetite has been fueled by manufacturers that prefer to market disposable items as a way to keep customers coming back rather than designing products that can be serviced and possibly upgraded as a way to keep customers coming back.

we cannot effectively address global warming by just dealing with how we produce our energy, we need to address how much waste we create on a daily basis that adds to our environmental and energy crisis'.

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