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Saturday, May 5, 2007

economy commentary

When it comes to the economy, my contribution to the economy has been getting smaller and smaller and it isn't from not working a full time job either. I have the desire to by the things that I want and that would help make my life easier, but with a stagnant salary it's just not happening. It has a lot to do with the fact that living expenses are going up faster than my income.

From my point of view, the economy isn't as good as all these big name business people are saying it is. When you have friends, neighbors and co-workers that are barely scraping by or living the same lifestyle they did as far back as five years ago, it is hard to believe that the economy is doing as good as the experts say it's doing.

Yes we have been doing a good job of recovering from the attacks on 9/11 but at the same time we have had some of those jobs disappear again only to reappear in countries where the labor is many times cheaper than here to save in labor costs. The only problem with shipping those jobs over seas is that you start boosting the economy in that country and eventually the companies would have to move those jobs again to keep labor costs down.

in the end we are left with service industry jobs that don't pay the same wages as those jobs that were moved out of the country. We will eventually see those jobs come back but they will not be back for a generation or two due to the same reasons they left.

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