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Monday, May 28, 2007

political correctness

Regardless of whether your commentary is good, bad or anywhere in between, we are becoming a society where we have to walk on egg shells when it comes to dealing with other peoples emotions.

People are becoming thin skinned when it comes to any type of commentary even if it is directed at an individual and possibly warranted. Granted some of time the commentary will be off color and derogatory in nature but that isn't any reason to treat all commentary as such.

In the main stream media, it is evident that part of the problem is the media outlets themselves and part is certain people in positions of high visibility that push the subject onto a group of people such as race, gender, social class, sexuality and so on, even if the commentary was pertaining to a specific individual or a group of people perpetuating a stereotype.

There are also groups of people that by nature that believe we have to be protected from anything and everything that can potentially harm us either emotionally or physically sometimes to the point that they become the people doing the harm but without being able to see it.

In every society there are people who definitely are frail either emotionally or physically but there is no need to have all of society walking on egg shells with everyone in society due to a small part of society. Some of those frail people are people who need to project their frailty onto others so they feel better which is happening in some cases.

If we are more interested in protecting people from themselves we are going to be raising a generation of Americans that will be a special interest group unto itself.

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