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Monday, May 14, 2007

drug research

When dealing with prescription drugs, we are at the mercy of the drug manufacturers when it comes to price. This is due to the cost of the actual research and the promotional material geared towards the doctors that would be prescribing the medication.

Drug companies, should be more open to sharing information with each other in ways that would not compromise their intellectual property but in a way that would significantly cut down the duplication of research on compounds, that can drive up the costs of the end product, even if it means some sort of library that would document the research done, procedures including a list of materials not protected by law, and both the positive and negative outcomes of the research.

When it comes to promoting to doctors, the drug companies should not be lining the pockets of doctors to get preferential treatment for the medication. it is one thing to advertise the new medication it goes against the oath that the doctors take if they are paid to push a specific drug over something that has a proven track record.

The drug companies do make samples that they give to doctors for which are given to patients and should be given to the patient to try before having them go pay for a prescription for the medication so that way it is know if there will be a reaction to the drug before the person pays for medication they may not be able to use.

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